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Introductory Online Program – Ready for Pregnancy in 28 days

Whether you are struggling with unexplained infertility or medical infertility (with problems like a low ovarian reserve, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, and more) our Ready for pregnancy in 28 days program will be able to help you in your journey to ...

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What are the Benefits of Yoga for increasing your chances of conception??

6 reasons how Yoga can be very beneficial in increasing fertility both physically and mentally: 1) Improving muscle tone to support your reproductive organs. 2) Balancing and improving the total alignment of your body. 3) Increasing blood circulation, allowing vital nutrients and oxygen ...

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Using Homemade Bone Broth for the Treatment of Infertility

Really good article on strengthening your body. Great job Aimee Raupp! As practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, many of us are treating infertility patients. Some of us have treated only a few patients who are trying to conceive; some of us ...

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IVF Side Effects and Costs. Optimise Your Natural Fertility First!

This article looks at IVF side effects and costs and explains why IVF should never be the first choice but should only be used once all has been done to address underlying causes and optimize reproductive health through natural means ...

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Morning Sickness

This may very well be the most common symptom of pregnancy—and it can be quite miserable. Many women describe “morning sickness” as a constant state of nausea or feeling as though they are on a boat. It often doesn’t come ...

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How I treat couples undergoing ART

I've been treating couples undergoing ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) for a number of years now and am teaming up IVF clinics in Ireland and Spain. All Acupuncture treatments are located at the clinic in Oranmore, Galway.Research has shown that Acupuncture ...

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How to turn a breech presentation baby  

During pregnancy, a foetus is said to be in a breech presentation when the buttocks of the baby are presenting first at the bottom of the uterus, and the head is in the upper part, or fundus of the uterus. During practice I am presented with many pregnancies ...

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Components to embryo transfer  

Patients have lots of doubts and misunderstandings about the embryo transfer procedure and I’ll try to dispel some of these. We need to understand there are 2 separate components to embryo transfers. 1) The mechanical procedureThis is Physically putting the embryos back ...

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Five or More Cups of Coffee a Day Reduce the Chance of IVF Success by Around 50 Percent

ScienceDaily (July 3, 2012) — Women who drink five or more cups of coffee a day severely reduce their chance of success from IVF treatment. Indeed, Danish investigators who followed up almost 4000 IVF and ICSI patients described the adverse impact ...

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Women

I was contacted on behalf of the Public Outreach Department at DrugWatch to have a guest blog post from Elizabeth Carrollton who writes to help raise awareness about the serious women’s issue of pelvic organ prolapse. This condition, which typically affects ...

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Fatigue and Exhaustion During Pregnancy

Many women experience fatigue and even exhaustion during pregnancy. This is often at its worst during the first twelve weeks and in the last trimester of pregnancy. Various factors may contribute to exhaustion including insomnia, looking after other young children, ...

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How to Stay Sperm Friendly.

What Tests will the Sperm have to endure to reach their destination? 1) pH of the mucus in the vagina. If it’s too acidic not only will the sperm be immobilized ...

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Sinusitis during Pregnancy

During pregnancy it is thought that hormonal changes may lead to a drying out of the membranes that line the nasal passages, predisposing women to nasal congestion and sinusitis. Below is some dietary advice with may help in resolving the issue: 1) ...

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IVF Fertility Success with Acupuncture – New Research

New research concludes that acupuncture improves clinical pregnancy rates and live birth rates for women receiving IVF (in vitro fertilization).1 Twenty-four randomized controlled trials of 5,807 women examined the effects of acupuncture, electroacupuncture and laser acupuncture on IVF success rates. ...

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Homeopathy in Fertility, Pregnancy and the Post-natal Period

Gertie MacGee homeopath at The Elmtree Clinic wrote this excellent piece on how homeopathy can be used during fertility, pregnancy and the post- natal period.   Homeopathy is a gentle, natural system of healing suitable for everyone including pregnant women and newborn ...

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How Can I Improve My Fertility Naturally?

Many women are keen to avoid medical intervention with achieving pregnancy. Some couples want to avoid the invasive procedures of IVF related treatments which include daily injections, regular blood tests and scans. For some couples, the financial comparison between natural fertility assistance ...

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What is the best thing you can do if you have PCO or PCOS?

The best thing a woman with either PCO or PCOS can do is to immediately embark on a Low GI diet and regular exercise. Study after study have shown that this is the best way to reduce blood sugar levels - ...

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In short, what supplements you need and what acupuncture does for Male inFertility

Supplements That Can Help Improve Male Fertility Factors To improve motility: CoQ10, selenium, zinc, green tea. Carnitine can help. To increase sperm count: CoQ10. Reduce stress and stop overworking. To reduce abnormal forms: CoQ10, pH adjusted Vitamin C complex with Hesperidin. To reduce "clumping" of sperm: pH adjusted ...

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Preparing for Delivery Day

I recently received a lovely mail from Katie Moore requesting to do a guest article for my blog. Here it is... I hope you enjoy... Preparing for Delivery Day Pregnancy is an exciting time, and the pinnacle occurs as the due date approaches ...

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Irish Independent: Why it’s time men opened up about infertility

Women will share their problems in conceiving, but men remain reluctant to discuss it, writes Chrissie Russell Statistically it's as likely that the problem could be on the male side The internet is rife with talk of infertility. "Hi, I'm Aisling and ...

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Laughing is conceivable.

~Lori Shandle-Fox, a colleague of mine has written this witty and fun book on fertility. Well worth a read. Enjoy!

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Exercise with the rhythm of your cycle to increase your Fertility

Exercise with your cycle: During Menstruation: Conserve energy and exercise gently and meditatively with deep breathing, yoga, tai chi and Qi gong. Post Menstruation: Gear exercise around stretching, walking and weight training, gently building up muscles. Ovulation: Get out as much outdoor and ...

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Remedies for Haemorrhoids/Piles during pregnancy

This is the pregnancy symptom that nobody wants to talk about. The problem is that it can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort and so it’s well worth the conversation. Haemorrhoids are very common during pregnancy and after ...

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Makes Fertility Treatments Far More Effective

Traditional Chinese medicine has long been used to ease pain, treat disease, boost fertility, and prevent miscarriage. Known in the Western medical community by its acronym TCM, these traditional remedies include herbal preparations and acupuncture. Now Tel Aviv University researchers ...

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The Methods for Natural Labor Induction

Once you have the “go ahead” and have done your research it’s time to focus in on the methods that may work for you. Be sure that you know what to expect and that you don’t go in with a ...

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An easy way to increase blood flow into your uterus.

We all know that a massage not only reduces pain and relieves stress, but also has other health benefits. Massage of the femoral artery around the pelvic region is completely natural and is a technique that women can use without any ...

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Looking at Your Mindset and Subconscious Emotions

“The truth is that we can learn to condition our minds, bodies, and emotions to link pain or pleasure to whatever we choose. By changing what we link pain and pleasure to, we will instantly change our behaviors.” - Anthony ...

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Embracing Supplements.

Embrace supplementing your diet with natural high potency multivitamin and mineral complexes as well as with an iron, folic acid and B vitamins can increase your fertility in both men and women. Below I have discussed the most important supplements to ...

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7 things I need to do to get pregnant?

1.    Detox your diet and environment from fertility robbing substances and foods and replace them with fertility boosting and environmentally friendly ones. 2.    Eat nutrient dense and calorie poor food – fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. 3.    Learn how to ...

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10 ways to know you’re ovulating

You can have as much sex as you like but unless you do it at the right time of the month it won’t increase your chances of conceiving. The fact is you need to time it just right to ensure that ...

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Ways to Treat Anovulation Naturally

By definition, an anovulatory cycle is a menstrual cycle in which ovulation fails to occur. This means that you do bleed but do not release an egg or ovulate - hence the term anovulation. If this happens before menopause then ...

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No Period After Birth Control Pills – A testimonial.

This is a testimonial I receive yesterday. I had no period after birth control pills. I went off birth control pills in January and did not get a period for 3 months. My consultant ran a loads of tests, some very ...

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Acupuncture for Threatened Miscarriage

The joy of pregnancy is often disturbed by a threatened miscarriage. While conventional medicine holds ‘wait and see’ approach, acupuncture has been found surprisingly effective in the attempt to stabilize and save the pregnancy. Signs of threatened miscarriage: Vaginal bleeding Lower back ache Abdominal cramps Signs ...

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The Baby Program – The Complete Guide to a Successful Pregnancy

The Baby Program book Set is designed to help anyone interested in maximizing their fertility in order to get pregnant faster. Click here to purchase: The Baby Program Ian Claxton, internationally acknowledged natural fertility expert, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering ...

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Thank You: A Father’s Day Tribute to Husbands

This Sunday is Father’s Day, so I wanted to use this opportunity to address all of the men that are part of an infertile couple. Many times we overlook what you have to endure during the fertility treatment process, so this ...

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Endometriosis & Infertility from a Chinese Medicine Perspective

There can be a number of causes for fertility problems, but endometriosis is one of the most common causes worldwide. In Chinese medicine, diseases and imbalances are diagnosed by the signs and symptoms that a person exhibits. Chinese medicine believes that Blood ...

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Does Weight Matter?

According to the Miscarriage Association Study, women who are underweight, with a BMI of under 18.5 percent, are up to 70 per cent more likely to miscarry.  At the other end of the scale, quite literally, women who are overweight ...

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Multiple sclerosis is surprisingly common in Ireland, but it is not necessarily an impediment to pregnancy.

For many women with multiple sclerosis, the diagnosis comes right at the time when they are thinking of starting (or expanding) their family. Years ago, women with MS were discouraged from having children, as doctors believed that pregnancy made MS ...

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The Next Workshop is Coming to: The G-Hotel, Galway, Ireland

Overview: We are very excited to announce Ian Claxton will be coming to the Best 5 star hotel in Galway, The G Hotel! Ian will lead this Workshop from Sept 17th – 18th at the G-Hotel located inGalway City. The workshop will begin on Saturday morning around 10:00am ...

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Are You a Sweet Couple: Diabetes & Fertility

Unfortunately, diabetes may adversely affect fertility. Diabetes affects other hormones and bodily functions in such a way that can make it more difficult for a couple to conceive. Infertility is the inability of a couple to get pregnant after 1 year ...

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